NameWK 1WK 2WK 3WK 4WK 5WK 6WK 7WK 8WK 9WK 10TOTAL (best of 8)
Patrick W.100119146103100110121128
Remy R.93107971209610713710214295908
Taryn G.10781109114999576900000771
Patrick H. 6079889393113849598106770
Tyler R. 756971899271978410983700
Mike B.789691006800961238690638
Bart S.898673881026670737082583
Jason M. 67686852000063789400490
Tyler M.007800008890100000000356
Kyle B.0067000000000000000067
Jana H.0000312400000000000055

9 thoughts on “WPL Weekly Results

  1. We’re also giving away small “medallions” for whomever makes the most putts from Station 3 (33 feet/M14). These “I Love Big Putts” wooden tags look great on your disc golf bag!

    Week 1’s prize went to Patrick Warner = 8 successful putts at Station 3
    Week 2’s prize went to Bart Snell = 7 successful putts @ Station 3

    Who’s next?

  2. WPL Week 7 – Congrats to Remy for a new high score (for our series) of 137 and Patrick W. with 10 Big Putts! Nice work Guys!

  3. High score still belongs to Patrick W. on week 3 with his 146 (nailed a perfect station 5 one round that night! So rad!), but thank you all the same! Tried to do something special…

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