Happy New Year!

I hope everyone’s New Year’s eve festivities were fun filled and safe!

Somehow, we all survived 2018, “The year Of Living Hatefully”. Congrats, here’s a toast to all you survivors.

Now, bring on the disc golf!

2019 LEVEL 48 Club dues are now due, please try to pay by the end of the month. Membership is currently set at the ridiculously low cost of just $10 per person per year. $20 will also get you a 2019 LEVEL 48 Bag Tag (also available separately.)

LEVEL 48 Club mmember benefits include:

  • Participate in 2019 LEVEL 48 Bag Tag events all year, includes 4 major (seasonal) Bag Tag events
  • LEVEL 48 Disc Golf Points system – track you performance thru the year on this site (by Division!)
  • Even more casual and competetive Singles, Doubles (and Skins) events
  • FREE unlimited web-based “YourNameHere@talltown.us” email address to all club members (optional)
  • Discounts n club merchandise (details TBA)
  • Monthly club meetings

We look forward to 2019 being another year of growth and expansion for disc golf in Lake County, as we (as a club) continue to host local and regional events like the Ice Bowls and USAMPC events. We’re also eager to continue our partnership with the Oregon Parks & Rec. Dept. with plans for a new and even more challenging disc golf course within Lake County. Regular weekly League events and Bag Tag competitions will run through the active seasons, plus we’ll also host the popular Winter Putting League again this year.

New for this year will be (at least one) ‘semi-organized’ “LEVEL48 Camp/Road Trip”. A casual fun-filled weekend adventure built around a roadtrip/group-campout to a few local Southern Oregon disc golf courses. (Lake Selmac, Whistler’s Bend, Tom Pearce, etc.) All these beautiful and challenging courses are just a half-day’s drive from Lakeview. We need to be taking better advantage of that while expanding our disc golf horizons at the same time.

So, “Welcome Back!” all returning LEVEL 48 Club members, and “Welcome Aboard!” to all new LEVEL 48 club members!

Now let’s get on with the One True Purpose in life: disc golfing!

One thought on “Happy 2019 Lakeview Disc Golfers!

  1. Hey guys! Found #4 wooden bag tag from the 2018 season on the 2nd hole green today. Don’t remember who finished 4, I’ll bring it to wpl this week.

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