LEVEL 48 PDGA Disc Golf League

PDGA sanctioned league events in Lakeview!

Beef up your PDGA ratings and points right here in SmallTown/TallTown! and at the same time, save yourself the huge expense of having to travel to other areas just to earn a few PDGA Ratings and Points.

LEVEL 48 is pleased to host six fun and challenging PDGA sanctioned 18-hole events held right here at SoPo.
[Available to current LEVEL 48 Club members only. Non-current LEVEL 48 members or general public may pay $10 for club membership at time of registration.] –> All events will be held on Sunday mornings – tee off at 9:0 AM sharp.
–> Groupings will be in foursomes with staggered tees (group 2 follows group 1, group 3 follows group 2, etc.)
–> All events will be run according to PDGA Rules (with the approved PDGA L-tier event exceptions.)

A weekly $5 fee will be charged per person. [See breakdown below for where this money goes.]

Week 1: Sunday, April 21
Week 2: Sunday, April 28
Week 3: Sunday, May 5
Week 4: Sunday, May 12
Week 5: Sunday, May 19
Week 6: Sunday, May 26

Additional Rules:
–> All walking paths, exercise areas, tee pads, over fences, walls or RR tracks are OB.
–> Island Hole (holes 3 & 12): Your drive must land within the circle; else take 1 stroke penalty and move up to line to putt.

Weekly Money Breakdown:
$0.50 – to PDGA
$0.50 – to League Director (as per PDGA)
$2.00 – to payout: 1st/~75%, 2nd/~35%, 3rd/~15% [~ = approximately] $2.00 – to LEVEL 48 General Fund
$5.00 weekly fee

One thought on “2019 PDGA League is on!

  1. I’m looking forward to it! Can’t wait to see a ballpark idea of what my rating could be. I hope I’m proud…..

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